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Islands (1999) KHCD002
A collection of well and (surprisingly) not so well known tunes built from Keith's personal collection of celtic melodies from musicians, old books and recordings.
From beautiful airs by eighteenth century harpers and fiddlers to anonymous tunes in the main dance rhythms.

There is an accompanying tune book to this CD.

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Click on the MP3  links to play sound clips
Click on the  YouTube links to see Keith playing the pieces
(audio and video open in new tabs/windows)
1   Humours Of Castle Comer  MP3 aYou Tube   
2   Mabel Kelly  MP3
3   The Sheep under The Snow    MP3 aYou Tube
4   Morgan Magan 
5   A Honeyed Lip  
6   The Monaghan Jig  MP3
7   Neil Gow’s Lament for The Death Of His Second Wife You Tube
8   When Christ Was Born
9   Port Atholl
10   Off To California
11   The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
12   Glenlivet/Castle Drummond
13   Mrs Jamieson's Favourite
14   The Golden Keyboard/The Musical Priest
15   Chapel Keithack
16   The Rosewood Jig
17   The Lark in The Clear Air
18   The Marquis of Huntly’s Strathspey
19   Madame Bonaparte
20   Lord Mayo
21   Farewell to Whisky
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