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Red Scarf Smiler
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Red Scarf Smiler: cd cover  

Red Scarf Smiler (2004) KHCD03
Keith's third album shows the range of his playing. It includes lute works from the school of John Dowland, old Irish and Spanish music, modern Latin American pieces and original tunes in classical, celtic and contemporary styles. 

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Click on the blue links to play or download sound clips in  MP3 format

1   Blues for Baby Brewster  MP3
2   Aeolia    MP3 aYou Tube
3   Lute Galliard MP3
4   Almain: My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe
5   Melancholy Galliard
6   The Kylestrome Waltz
7   Bonny at Morn
8   Desafinado MP3
9   Cantilena
10   Mistress Taylor's Galliard
11   Crazy Weather MP3
12   Pavan: The Earl of Salisbury
13   Armida
14   Isn't it a Lovely Day? MP3
15   The Berwick Road
16   Kean O'Hara
17   Pavana
18   Up the Crooked Spire
19   Willow Street Blues
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